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The compact and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated 300mAh backup battery. There are more than 10 types of Volgen trackers in such categories as basic tracker, advanced tracker and professional tracker designed for personal cars, public safety services, delivery transport, agriculture, delivery, trailers tracking, security, international logistics, refrigerated transport, emergency services and much more. To know more about each product please click on link below.

Protect your vehicle with its tracker

Volgen vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect your vehicle in the event of theft. You can talk to the thief in the car, stop the car engine remotely, lock the doors, fin the exact location in real-time, share the path with the police and find the car, within 2 hours after the engine is off.

Watch your organizational fleet, online

With the help of advanced and professional trackers, you can determine and check out the temperature, allowed traffic regions, fuel consumption, car safety, and security, always. The device alarm alerts the driver and fleet manager through the app or panel. As a matter of worldwide standard, Volgen tracker is compatible with any other enterprise panel currently used at the organization.

Different approaches to sending device data

Generally, different information of each Volgen tracker is sent through the GSM network. However, it is possible for Volgen R&D team to modify and customize each device for specific purposes, such as hard-to-reach places or military lines.

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We suggest perfect monitoring solutions such as internal temperature sensors for a wide use in temperature sensitive cases. Configurator application and Home Security Solutions. The most important task for us is to make our provided IoT solutions as understandable as possible and improve performance from first usage. We are always improving our solutions according Your feedback. See our IOT solutions here.

Internet of Things cloud services

A robust, secure, powerful grid of connected devices, buildings, and infrastructure, with accessible and transparent data from the network's edge, companies can gain insights into operational efficiencies.



Anti-Theft and Bad-Usage Alarms

Prevent your vehicle or packages to be stolen by Volgen trackers. There are different car alarms and also dashboard alarms inform you that your vehicle is stolen or is currently in a bad situation of usage or danger.

Bidar Home Security Devices

Home security is a very useful application of IoT and we are using it to create an inexpensive security system for homes as well as industrial use.




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It has never been easier to step forward into fleet management business. Forget complex tools and techniques to personalize your device. We promise you user friendly experience with the application. We are always in research and development for a better service. Providing the best customized service for our customers is our greatest achievement. We are ready to produce you a kit that you are flexible with likely. It is a future of internet of things, join us.