Volgen Software products line is a new and high-tech solution for intelligent GPS tracking and IoT management. Companies from all over the world choose Volgen Online Panels and General Configurator Application since it utilizes a powerful set of technologies to keep customers aware of the vehicles’ whereabouts, condition, status, and geographical location. There are many compatible tracking devices with this pannel and configurators all over the world, including personal trackers and automobile security controllers.


With Volgen Configurator, no tethering is needed for the hardware configuration. Also, drivers can always use perfect options and information shared from the device to their mobile application, offline! Here are the main features of the application:

Device Configurator via Bluetooth
Vehicle Speed and Odometer Dashboard
Car Engine and Fuel Condition
Off-road Clinometer
Mapp and Directions
Geo fans

Sharing and Saving Favorit Locations
Near Places Notation
Overall and Every Trip Covered Path
Car Repairing Notification
Temperature Logger
Fuel Usage
Sim Charge
Device Buttery and Power
Dashboard Customization
Security Control
Doors opening detection
Performance Alarm
Alarm Driver button

Monitor Everything
Through Web Panel

The feature list of the panel:

Vehicle performance analysis

Routing checkpoints visit

Engine-hours and machine hours control

Car rotation pattern

Address searching

Nearest units searching

Handy management system

Fuel consumption accounting

Driving behavior

Temperature control

CAN-bus data parameters reading

Security Control

Doors opening detection

Alarm Driver button

Remote engine shutdown

Communication with driv

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